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AFCO Announce New Brake Pad Compounds

AFCO Racing Products is proud to announce the launch of our new Brake Pad Compounds, available for F88 Calipers, F22 Calipers, and GM Metric Calipers. The new AFCO Racing Brake Pads allow the racer to have different compounds for the front, rear, left side and right side of the car, which custom tunes how the car stops.

AFCO’s new brake pads have been tested and validated over the past year by many top racers such as:

• Rick Eckert • Todd Shute • Stormy Scott • Billy Moyer Jr. • Donnie Moran • Jason Hughes • Jimmy Gustin • Hunter Schuerenburg • Dennis Erb • Zack Vanderbeek • Ryan Gustin • Shannon Babb • Dave Cain • Brady Short • Randy Korte • Kelly Shryock • Kent Robinson

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